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Your Employer must provide...

What your employer must provide you as an apprentice:

  • A workplace culture that promotes a zero tolerance for bullying and discrimination. 
  • Constructive feedback and recognition for good work. 
  • Your employer must treat apprentices and trainees with fairness and respect at all times. 
  • A Work Health and Safety induction at the beginning of their employment, and on each new site they work on. This should include details about safety equipment and protective gear.  
  • An experienced supervisor who can instruct apprentices or trainees on safe working practices and assess and manages any risks around the workplace. 
  • The supervisor should also be willing to answer questions and address any safety concerns the apprentice or trainee has. Apprentices cannot be made to work in a situation where they’re unsure of what is required, or how a task can be performed safely.  
  • Your employer must take action to protect against COVID-19 at work. Consult with staff to help identify risks, provide training to help them do their jobs safely, and use control measures such as social distancing, extra cleaning and disinfection, or personal protective equipment (PPE) where needed. 

If you are unsure of any of the above, contact The Young Workers Centre or find support here.