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Do I need to be supervised as an apprentice?

The short answer is YES!

Your employer must provide you with supervision at work. This is essential because while you are learning and performing new tasks, you need to be able to work safely and effectively.

Supervision may look different depending on the trade and what stage of the apprenticeship you are in. There are three types of workplace supervision: 

Direct supervision -  Your supervisor is with you all the time. You should be getting direct supervision if you are doing a new task for the first time or learning a new skill to ensure that it is performed safely. 

Indirect supervision - The supervisor is nearby and regularly checks in with you, making sure you are safe and answering any questions you may have. 

Broad supervision - Your supervisor is not nearby all the time, but this is because you are doing work that you know how to do and can perform it safely. The supervisor still needs to check the quality of your work and your overall performance. 

It's important that your employer chooses supervisors that have appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience to be able to support you. Sometimes, you might have more than one supervisor which is great! Having multiple supervisors there as role models, supporting you and keeping you safe will only further enhance your ability to develop skills at work. 

If you feel that you are not being adequately supervised, you can speak to your employer about it so that they can arrange appropriate supervision. 

If you are unsure of any of the above, contact The Young Workers Centre or find support here.