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Apprentices should be regularly receiving pay slips from their employer. 

Employers have 24hrs after they’ve paid you to provide you with your payslip. 

Payslips are important documents if you have any issues with your pay – you should keep them because if you need to claim back any unpaid wages, you only have 6 years to do this and payslips are a vital for that. 

We recommend that you check each payslip that you receive, whether its weekly or fortnightly. 

Remember to check your payslip when you enter the next year of your apprenticeship to make sure your rate of pay has increased if applicable. 

Check your payslips at the start of the next financial year (1 July) to check your superannuation has increased if you’re on the Award.  

Some of the main things that should be on your payslip include: 

  • your name 
  • your employer’s name 
  • your employer’s Australian Business Number (ABN) 
  • the dates of the pay period 
  • the date of payment 
  • your gross and net pay 
  • if you’re paid hourly: your ordinary hourly pay rate, number of hours worked at that rate and the total dollar amount of pay at that rate 
  • any loadings (including casual loading), allowances, bonuses, penalty rates, incentive-based payments or other paid entitlements 
  • any deductions from your pay, including the amount and details of each deduction, as well as the details of the fund or account the deduction was paid into 
  • superannuation contributions paid for your benefit, including the amount made during the pay period or the amount that needs to be made and the details of the super fund the contributions were made to or will be made 

Source: What to Look For When Reading Your Payslip | Canstar 

For help regarding pay slips, contact The Young Workers Centre or find support here.