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Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASO)

Apprentice Support Officers

If you are an apprentice in Victoria, it is likely that you will be assigned an Apprenticeship Support Officer to provide you and your employer with assistance. These officers are tasked with aiding registered apprentices with any training or workplace concerns that may arise throughout their apprenticeship. The service is both free and confidential, and ASOs are stationed at 12 locations throughout Victoria, including greater Melbourne and regional areas.

ASOs are capable of addressing a wide range of issues, including wages, entitlements, training contracts, supervision, safety, bullying and discrimination, schooling, finances, disability resources, and support with completing the apprenticeship. They will establish contact with each apprentice at the start of their apprenticeship to introduce themselves and explain their role, and both apprentices and employers may contact them at any point.

To contact an ASO, please call the Apprenticeship Support line at 1300 311 820 or send an email to [email protected].